That Is Melissa Heholt? J. Cole’s Wife Is An Extraordinary Girl

That Is Melissa Heholt <a href=""> – find your russian bride</a>? J. Cole’s Wife Is An Extraordinary Girl

This past year, allow 2016 to tell a different kind of story if you thought that there were too many celebrity divorces. In A january 2016 meeting, film manager ryan coogler unintentionally revealed that j. cole is hitched to at least one melissa heholt. Who’s Melissa Heholt, you ask? You understand, the lady with who Cole will probably break the celebrity marriage spell that is failed? The way the marriage was introduced to the public eye deserves some attention before we take a deeper look at Cole’s very successful wife.

Once I state Coogler “inadvertently” exposed J. Cole’s wedding, i truly suggest it. When you look at the meeting, the Creed manager asked the rapper exactly how getting married “changed” him, knew their slip-up, and apologized by saying he’d never interviewed anyone prior to. Cole, who’s a extremely good sport, reacted, “which was like something to maybe not do. Read more