CHOICES. DECISIONS. CHOICES The college acceptance words arrive.

CHOICES. DECISIONS. CHOICES The college acceptance words arrive. You would think that it would be effortless after that. Your teen has got into their to begin with choice class and it’s quick; you fire off the popularity letter to that school plus the deposit and a accomplished deal.

Yet wait. Let’s say some of the various other schools provide you with financial aid programs that are just simply too very good to be real? Like such as: a full journey, numerous academic scholarships and grants, along with other incentives including reduced construction for the freshman year. Because the college industry is highly aggressive, it’s possible that you could be met with an even more tough dilemma: stay your very first choice class OR go to a school giving a better college funds package.

That’s exactly what happened to be able to us. By having a series of occurrences out of your control, advantages school preferred not to send very own daughter’s mid-year transcript so that you can Boston University. Because all of us neglected to additional information, we could not know that was the case. As soon as her federal loans package came from BU, it was absolutely defunct about ANY assistance, except a tiny Stafford Loan. All the other universities offered their multiple academic scholarships according to her mid-term transcript. One phone call discovered the reason behind it and since the actual tuition was initially incredibly high, it knocked out the woman 1st pick school quickly. Read more